138 S. Park Sq Suite 102, Fruita, Co 81521 

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A wellness clinic with an integrated, holistic approach to health & wellness through East Asian Medicine, essential oils, aestetics, and bodywork to help bring the body into balance.

I'm Erika Toebaas, owner of Tru ~ A Wellness Co. 

Tru’s atmosphere is unique. I find it very important for the patient to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed while receiving quality primary care. The body is an amazing machine constantly working to maintain a state of balance where it can begin to heal itself, but when we don't take care of ourselves, It struggles to do this. Over the last several years we have seen a significant rise in disease and stress which is driving alternative medicine to no longer be something we did every once in a while to treat ourselves but now a preventative lifestyle. The goal at Tru is to help get the body back into balance so it can begin to heal itself. Whether you have a specific ailment to work on or need to reduce stress in your life and relax, give your body the tools it needs & book an appointment at Tru.

138 S. Park Square Suite 102, Fruita, Co 81521

b.evertru@gmail.com\\ Tel: (970) 208-4856


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